Wednesday, June 6, 2018

On "From Dictatorship to Democracy"

I just recently discovered a free public domain audio book on YouTube of this book by Gene Sharp on how to go about carrying out a non-violent democratic revolution . So I just thought that I would post a link here , for whom ever might be interested  .  I am starting to tend to believe that non-violent resistance is preferable , and even more effective than armed struggle . As the late John Lennon put it  “When it gets down to having to use violence, then you are playing the system’s game. The establishment will irritate you – pull your beard, flick your face – to make you fight. Because once they’ve got you violent, then they know how to handle you. The only thing they don’t know how to handle is non-violence and humor.”  -  So while I still recognize , and respect the natural right of self defense , and the right of revolution , I also feel that it's best to use as little force as possible in the process . This article best sums up my general attitude towards the use of violence  .

Monday, April 23, 2018

DHS Creates Media Database

I just recently saw this program on RT . One of the things discussed was how the Department of Homeland Security has been monitoring various forms of news media , including blogs . So I wasn't off base in feeling concerned over the possibility of state repression . 

Thursday, February 15, 2018

U.S. Government Over Reaches In Clamping Down On Protesters

This program I recently watched mainly pertains to the J20 protesters at Trump's inauguration .  I wanted to post it here , both to inform anyone whom may continue to follow my blog of the continuing state of affairs here in the U.S.A. under the tyranny of the Trump administration , as well as to show that I am still alive and active , and haven't yet been arrested by the police powers that be .  I will still plan on periodically updating my blog if I find any information that I deem to be fundamentally of vital importance . However , as I posted recently before , I feel that now more than ever I must be prudently cautious in my political opposition as a dissident . And so I expect that my posting to this blog of mine will prove to be more so sporadic than in past decades . But I still do feel that now more than ever all Americans whom love both freedom and fairness must stay vigilant and keep informed . Therefore I shall be maintaining this blog as both a source of continued information , and a source of prior inspiration , from both the years of the presidencies  of George W. Bush , and Barack Obama . As you all will notice from reading my blog from the beginning , my specific perspectives on certain issues and individuals have evolved through the years , yet my commitment to personal liberty , and social justice has remained the same .  

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Weimar Republic Recreated in America

I have come out of my hiatus here , at least temporarily , in order to comment on the violent clashes which transpired recently in Charlottesville , Virginia .<  ,>  > I , among others , I have noticed the parallels between such recent ongoing developments with the Weimar Republic in Germany , and its political violence < ,  , >  In my opinion , we on the left , who are anti-fascist , like anyone have the natural right to stand our ground in defense of both ourselves and others . However , in accordance with the principle of non-aggression , we should not set out to initiate altercation . But this brings to mind a critical question , at exactly what point should we fight back ?  My one time karate sensei told the class that in a no holds barred street fight we should strike first , fast , and hard , once attack seems imminent , so as to gain momentum , and overcome . But , if and when we do so , the alt-right militants will then assert that we struck them first , and that consequently they were defending themselves . So the point at which push comes to shove can be ambiguous . I feel that it's best for counter demonstrators to first give fair warning , before engaging in such battles . That way at least people can't honestly claim that we were instigating hostilities . Also I feel that the point of counter demonstrations should be to display people power over making a show of brute force . But as I stated before , we as both persons and as a movement do have the right , and I will dare say duty , to use proportionate force to repel any assailants . And then , if our enemies on the reactionary alt-right still try to play the victim , in a ploy for sympathy , we can legitimately set the record straight , as this activist , and journalist did , in respects to Charlottesville . As a final note , I am not entirely surprised by asinine authorities in such countries as the United States of America making an equivalency between the alt-right and the anti-fascist counter demonstrators . As I have mentioned before , under the zero tolerance policy of schools , students whom fight back against bullies have been ending up getting punished themselves <  ( ironically from Breitbart even) ,  ,  ,  , > To which I will respond to with a link to this song . . Violence is not wrong , in and of itself , it's the surrounding context that determines its moral value . P.S. For those whom are not adverse to exercising the right to bear firearms , in defense of ones self , and community , this group seems good I think . < , , >  And also , for everyone , including those with scruples against resorting to using armed force , there is the White Rose Revolt . < >  Either way , we who are genuine advocates of liberty and justice for all , must organize in order to resist the new fascism which has arisen in the United States . 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Fears of Fascism Arises in Trump's America  ,  ,  Well it finally seems apparent that the increased usurpation of executive power by the federal government has culminated in the rise of a regime that is approaching that of unabashed fascism . All that I have to say , other that what I had previously posted here in this blog , concerning the respective administrations of George W. Bush , and Barack Obama , in criticism of their policies , and tactics to resist them , is that the current president , Donald Trump is eroding the constitutional system of checks and balances , that he has so vainly sworn to uphold , in his oath of office , and in regards to Chicago , for what it's worth , is planning to infringe upon the Posse Comitatus Act . But now that the dreaded doomsday of dictatorship has descended upon this land , I think that it is likely that this shall be my final post to this blog , for the sake of my own personal security . Especially since I seriously believe that I might already be on a watch list , my immediate family members are all registered Republicans , whom voted for Trump , and to continue to blog against the schemes of the powers that be I would have to bug out and move away , thereby going underground . I mean I might still come back to comment on developments  from time to time , but probably to be on the safe side it will be after relocating to an undisclosed location . But nevertheless , I shall be a committed part of the political resistance , using in particular my skills as a certificated paralegal , which I now have recently become . So in my possible absence , here are some links to some information resources .  ,  ,  , . Note none of these resources are specifically left-libertarian , the way that this blog has strived to be , but they are still relevant , and useful just the same . P.S. Just thought I would mention , in case anyone might be wondering , though I do not support the Republican Fascist Party , I do not as a whole back the so called Democrats either . And in the latest presidential election , I as a Bookchinian Communalist voted for the Green party candidate , Jill Stein . I think that I very well might even change my party registration to Green , at the next primary election , which is when one must do so , here in the state of Ohio . But as I have stated before , I hold no automatic animosity towards those of other political parties , or even no party affiliation . Just so long as you resist this tyranny however you best deem fit , and as peacefully , and lawfully as remains practicable .  So goodbye for now , and quite possibly forever . 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hired Goons Brutally Assault Peaceful Indigenous Protesters at Standing Rock What else can I say about this that I haven't already said ? This is yet another in a long line of abuses committed by corporate and state power colluding together in stifling the struggle of the people for justice . These Amerindians are not even going on the war path . I can only hope that such a travesty upon this land and it's native born people's can be successfully overcome  by peaceable methods . But I also acknowledge the natural right to both self defense and revolution , under certain circumstances . Civil disobedience should be the primary and preliminary means of resistance in my view . However , as Pres. Kennedy put it , " Those who would make peaceful change impossible make violent change inevitable ." We must all act to safeguard the health of the environment , and the rights of all people's , by all means necessary and proper .

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Giuliani Supports Electronically Monitoring Suspect on Terrorist Watch List  The only additional points I have to add to this good , thorough article is that the government has been monitoring persons of concern , without ever charging then with any crime , for many years now. As anyone who's been reading my blog should know by now   the various levels of government repeatably target various figures and groups for a Crack down , no matter how innocuous they might be . For instance , even Martin Luther King , Jr. was monitored , and intimidated by federal agents , as it turned out . So I feel that this is just another in a long line of examples of the overbearing , and repressive nature of the U.S. government . Such actions are , and would be infringements upon the civil rights of privacy , and due process .  And it will not simply stop at keeping a heavy hand upon Islamic extremists either , but likely any and all would be dissidents , and perhaps even eventually all of the entire society . So I consider this to be the creeping rise of a secret police state.